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Use of drugs can mitigate the negative emotional impact of sex work and might be required by the customers (Sausa et al., 2007).
"Anthony's journey was not easy," Sausa told Manila Bulletin in a phone interview Thursday.
eiame darbe pristatytas protektoriaus elementu saveikos modelis tinkamas nagrinejant sausa ledo danga.
Sausa et al., Policy Recommendations for Inclusive Data Collection of Trans People in HIV Prevention, Care & Services, CTR.
Kadangi veja galima naudoti tik sausa, ji turi buti derinama su kietos dangos takais.
-- With input from Janus Napuecas Gella The scores: Hidada (82-36) Minoza 26, Pasculado 13, Abellana 10, Yasser 9, Lacson 7, Carbonel 5, Atef 4, Taneo 4, Acas 4 Jollibee (36) Afable 16, Castillo 8, Fransisco 4, Silva 2, Saldua 2, Alfonso 2, Shyrich 2 V-Cool (78) Caberte 17, Asperga 12, Tobeo 10, Malit 9, Sausa 7, Panlaqui 5, Dhen 5, Taguiam 5, Martin 3, Velasco 2, Malit 2 BHBC (71) Dangao 26, Nalagon 11, Garibay 9, Carbonel 8, Engalan 4, Defensor 4, Gonzales 3, Iglesia 2, Cabalfin 2, Vebar 2 Butler (76) Balatan 19, Dela Paz 17, Greason 12, Guanzon 12, Agustin 8, Labao 3, Apostol 3, Delos Santos 2 Nesma (67) Pattad 16, Soriano 13, Mercado 11, Tobeo 9, Dela Cruz 8, Lusong 6, Enriquez 4
(5.) Sausa, LA, Sevelius J, Keatley Jet al., Policy Recommendations for Inclusive Data Collection of Trans People in HIV Prevention, Care & Services, Center of Excellence for Transgender H I V Prevention: University of California, San Francisco, 2009.
Hisham Hussein of MES Indian Schoo was first in the junior category painting competition while Kumari Simran of DPS Modern Indian School was second and Darren Alton D Sausa of Ideal Indian School finished third.
Claire Lewins (Redwood), Brian McCann (Liverpool Chamber of Commerce board of directors), Rachel Oxley (Tower College) and Modi Mwatsama (Heart of Mersey) at 60 Hope Street; Jaws fan Eddie McCormack with Microzine owner Chris Lee; Pete Doherty before his secret acoustic gig at Studio; Shulah Walsh (The Mersey Partnership), Steve Jones (web designer), Rosemary Starkey, and Bill Elms (Bill Elms Associates) at Bill's leaving do; Ex-boxer John Conteh with his brother, Gerrard Conteh, at the Now That's What I Call Culture Show, at the Echo Arena Liverpool; Laura Clarke (Culture Company) and Ogres Sausa (designer) at Bill Elms's leaving party; Pete Price (City Talk), Katy Allerton (Radio City), and Bill Elms, at Bill's leaving party, at La Cubanita
Research suggests that bisexual individuals are discriminated from both the heterosexual and homosexual communities (Ochs, 1996) and transgender students have specific suggestions for improvement in schools that differ from other sexual minorities (Sausa, 2005).
Consequently, there is a growing body of literature exploring this inclusion (Athanases & Larrabee, 2003; DeJean, 2004; Dykstra, 2005; Kissen, 2002; Letts & Sears, 1999; Macgillivray, in press-a, 2004, 2005b, 2007; Robinson & Ferfolja, 2001; Sausa, 2005; Sherwin & Jennings, 2006).