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SAVAKSazamane Etelaat Va Amniate Kechvar (Iranian Security and Intelligence Service, 1956-1979)
SAVAKSpanings- & Attackövervakare (Swedish: Reconnaissance & Attack Supervisor; Swedish Royal Air Force)
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In the present study, the current data consisted of 477 head Savak Akkaraman lambs, which included both genders from different ages ranging from 2 to 8 years.
At the age of 19, he was pursued by the Shah's hated intelligence agency, Savak, and fled to Iraq with two other members of his cell.
In Shower of Blood (Khunbaresh, 1980), a fictional recreation of a 1978 massacre by Savak, the Shah's secret police force, Amir Qavidel engaged soldiers and civilians present at the original event to play themselves in the film.
Many Iranian writers' works were suppressed, and they were intimidated, arrested, tortured, or killed at the hands of the SAVAK, Iran's state security police, which intervened regularly to regulate and stifle the press and Iran's fledgling book industry.
(His 500 guests feasted on imported caviar, peacock, and champagne, and slept in carpeted tents with marble bathrooms.) Middle-class Iranians wanted more political freedom and grew tired of the regime's repressiveness--including its brutal secret police, known as the Savak, which imprisoned, tortured, or killed thousands of political dissidents.
Instead, they were much more focused on the Shah's megalomania and the arbitrary but sometimes very ugly repression by the Savak security service.
Thirty-five years since Iranians deposed the late Shah, Tehran's notorious Evin prison remains open despite post-revolutionary hopes for it to become a museum displaying the despotic powers of Savak, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's brutal secret police.
At that time the ruling government in Iran accused Islamic militants of starting the fire, while anti-Shah protesters and clergy blamed the country's SAVAK intelligence service.
The FSF operated like Bhutto's private Savak that signalled to other political leaders the significance of military force in the political discourse.