SAVGScientific Applications and Visualization Group
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Utilizing a tool box philosophy allows SAVG to visualize large numbers of applications with no programming.
The libraries C-DParLib and F-DParLib [8, 9, 10, 11],, developed by SAVG, support data-parallel style programming in C and Fortran 90, respectively.
SAVG maintains a Visualization Laboratory where high performance graphics workstations are made available for collaborators.
SAVG uses VRML [26] as a mechanism for distributing visualizations and graphical simulations to collaborators.
The computation and visualization resources described here, together with the expertise to use them, enable SAVG to collaborate on a wide range of research problems with NIST scientists.
Beyond this, SAVG will continue to develop and apply advanced parallel scientific computing and visualization techniques that enable us to run the largest, most detailed, and most useful computational experiments possible.