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SAVISexual Assault Victim Intervention
SAVISoil-Adjusted Vegetation Index
SAVISexual Assault and Violence Intervention
SAVIStudents Against Violence Initiative
SAVIStudents Advocating Volunteer Involvement (Florida Atlantic University student government agency)
SAVISouth African Volatility Index
SAVISpace Active Vibration Isolation
SAVISuid-Afrikaanse Vertalers Instituut
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The SAVI SCOUT surgical guidance system uses non-radioactive, electromagnetic wave technology to detect a reflector that can be placed in the target tissue up to seven days prior to surgery.
Savi ST-654 and Savi ST-656 Data Rich Sensors store detailed asset information such as cargo manifests and are ideal for tracking shipping containers, vehicles and other large assets.
Additionally to Savi RFID tags, readers and Savi SmartChain software, Savi is joined in their proposal by a number of technology and services providers which have the capabilities necessary to successfully deliver, deploy, and support in some of the most challenging environments.
Brian Daum, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Savi Technology (Photo: Business Wire)
Savi's automated supply tracking and management solutions have literally been honed on the battlefield, and they're highly configurable to improve operational efficiency and security throughout all kinds of supply chains," said David Stephens, chief executive officer of Savi Technology.
Michael Palka, both highly recognized figures in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industries, recently joined Savi Health as key distributors.
The Savi SmartChain(R) Enterprise Platform and Asset Management application underpin the alliance's combined solution, which leverages real-time data from Savi's active RFID tags and KBR's passive RFID tags, which can be affixed to all kinds of oil and gas assets.
Rosemary Johnston, Vice President, Business Operations, Savi Technology (Photo: Business Wire)
In addition to its campaign website offerings, Savi Digitail Mail is the company's advanced integrated email marketing tool that allows political campaigns to send newsletters and drive more traffic to their websites and social media channels.
The software solution, developed by Savi, a Lockheed Martin Company (NYSE: LMT), was announced here today at the opening of the LogiChem Conference.
New research findings on the SAVI([R]) breast brachytherapy applicator showed favorable results for SAVI treatment of early-stage breast cancer, according to a scientific poster at the annual meeting of the American Society of Breast Disease (ASBD).
As an alternative to conventional super markets, Savi Provisions' patrons can expect a green and sustainable environment with friendly and knowledgeable staff.