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SAVOSuffolk Association of Voluntary Organisations (UK)
SAVOSouthwark Action for Voluntary Organisations (UK)
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To the left he could see the white line of breakers that marked the bar of the Balesuna River, and, beyond, the rugged outline of Savo Island.
When he first went into the Company's employ, he was stationed on Savo.
Lutheris savo genezes komentare nagrinejo baimes problema anapus poenitentia ir contritio interpretacijos perteikto konteksto (Zusammenhang).
The combination of real-world client experience, an innovative consulting approach and award-winning technology uniquely positions SAVO to deliver practical solutions to enable your entire organization.
I haven't spoken to Savo yet," Little said, at the same time implying that he would have plenty to say to his temperamental centre-forward after training today.
Brian did well to act quickly and, after weighing it all up, placed sulky Savo on the transfer list.
Savo with the acquisition, it offers a complete solution in the sales enablement industry, combining Savo's enterprise customer base with the 200+ companies using KnowledgeTree worldwide.
SAVO focuses on driving greater sales productivity, and one way of doing this is providing the content that is needed by sales reps in context.
SAVO is a market leader in sales productivity solutions.
Is vienos puses, noredami patraukti i savo puse liaudi (demosa), jie griebdavosi ivairios rusies, atsizvelgiant i aplinkybes, demagoginiu priemoniu: gerai elgdavosi su miestu pilieciais, uzstodavo juos teismuose, kaltindavo turtinguosius godumu, konfiskuodavo ju turta ir zemes, kartais netgi isdalindavo konfiskuotas zemes neturtingiesiems.
SAVO consists of a social software platform and applications designed to drive enterprise collaboration and the execution of revenue initiatives.