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SAVSSavannah Sparrow (bird species Passerculus sandwichensis)
SAVSStabilized Aerial Video System (Draganflyer)
SAVSSexual Assault Victim Services (various locations)
SAVSSouthend Association of Voluntary Services (UK)
SAVSSouthern Association of Vascular Surgery
SAVSScandinavian Association for Vascular Surgery (Norway)
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As a part of today's announcement, Silverlink is introducing its latest technology release, SAVS 5.
Equipment for Electronic Products Assembly and servicing were given to Bato RDHS, Manambrag NHS, and SAVS, with the latter also receiving Technical drafting tools along with CNHS.
Introduced by Silverlink last year to help healthcare enterprises manage member communications, SAVS replaces ineffective outreach methods such as postal mailers or email, and reduces costly call center activity.
Easy to implement and use, SAVS dramatically improves customer care while significantly reducing costs compared to call centers and other communication vehicles.
PMSI utilizes SAVS to remind home delivery pharmacy patients when it is time to re-order authorized prescriptions so that they maintain the necessary supply of medications and remember to take their medications as prescribed.
HOMELINK is using SAVS to confirm delivery of home medical equipment and receive feedback from patients as to the quality of service provided, including whether patients receiving a delivery were familiar with how to operate the equipment, and if not, whether the technician assisted them.