SAVVASouthern African Veteran and Vintage Association
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Savvas Savva, who was born in Larnaca in 1986 and has a special preference to traditional Cypriot cuisine, has won many distinctions in culinary competitions in Cyprus and abroad.
On the alleged bribery of former municipal engineer Savvas Savva byAristodemou, the court likewise said this was not proven.
Aristodemou, wife Roulla, and two other suspects -- the former Paphos municipal engineer, Savvas Savva, and 36-year-old Elisavet Kouspou, who works for the local authority's technical services, were arrested in connection with forgery of blueprints and conspiracy to defraud the state in a planned development by Aristo in Skali, Paphos.
The main piece of the ever increasing jigsaw is that a gentleman by the name of Savvas Savva was the son from George's first marriage in Cyprus in the late 50s.
Savvas Savva, it transpired is none other than the eminent composer and concert pianist.
Shortly afterwards the channel contacted both Connah and - without telling him the reason - Savvas Savva, inviting them to participate in a show that would unite them for the first time.