SAWGSystem Architecture Working Group
SAWGSouthern Arizona Watercolor Group
SAWGSouth Auckland Woodturners' Guild (New Zealand)
SAWGStrategic Aerospace Wing (same as SAW)
SAWGSite Activation Working Group
SAWGSmoke/Aerosol Working Group
SAWGSoftware Assurance Working Group (US NASA)
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The most notable event during the four-day conference was the SAWG plenary session, which was attended by representatives from the United States military and the Department of State, co-chaired by McCormick and Mahmood.
Pakistan Air Attache Group Captain Ahmer described the 22nd SAWG as "the best bilateral exchange" that he has attended since arriving in the United States more than two years ago.
SAWG seeks to engage the Canadian peace, disarmament, human rights, and development NGO communities in the development and promotion of national and international policies and measures to reverse the diffusion and misuse of small arms and light weapons.
The first involved provisions related to small arms and light weapons in the 2002 Security Assistance Act, which was promoted by Senator Dianne Feinstein and advocated by SAWG members.
The members include rural families, religious communities and other organizations that belong to SAWG.
Further details about SAWG may be found at http://www.
SAWG brings together a network of over 60 Canadian civil society organizations with small arms programs.