SAWPSeasonal Agricultural Worker Program (Canada)
SAWPScientific Advice Working Party (Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use)
SAWPSouthern Arizona Writing Project (University of Arizona)
SAWPSocial Acceptability Working Party (tobacco industry)
SAWPSan Antonio Writing Project (San Antonio, TX)
SAWPSocialist Alliance of the Working People (Yugoslavia)
SAWPSouth African Well Project
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The majority of low-skilled workers, including workers in the SAWP, are ineligible for permanent residence in Canada.
Thus, economic migrants, refugees, and all the workers who come to Canada through different programs such as the LCP, SAWP, and TFWP are lumped together under one category: immigrants.
Similarly to SAWP, workers under PORLLFT do not have the right to apply for permanent residency through their time spent living and working in Canada.
However, workers under SAWP and PORLLFT cannot apply their work experience to permanent residency.
The finding that discrepant and nondiscrepant children do not differ substantially in their choice of strategies in SAWP reaffirms our belief that these two groups are not qualitatively different as the same cognitive processes underlie their performance.
From academics to social movement activists to union officials, the assumption appears widespread that "justice" for farm workers can be won through pressuring governments to enact new forms of protective legislation, extend trade union rights, and eliminate the more blatantly discriminatory features of the SAWP.
Farm Labour in Ontario, the SAWP, and the Response of Organized Labour
In the 40 years since the SAWP was introduced, Niagara has seen a shift from industrial manufacturing (cars, paper, and steel) to a predominantly service-sector economy.
Beginning in 1962, Canadian immigration policy underwent a formal deracialization, but the subsequent introduction of the SAWP was predicated on a de facto racialization of the migrant segment of the labour force and the deepening of divisions in the agricultural labour market.
The discussions with the SAWP focused on using the STELLAR 4 study as primary evidence of non-inferiority and the STELLAR 3 study as supportive of the MAA.
Given the recent article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute showing the economic toll of the hours lost to cancer care, we believe the SAWP agreement recognizes this important and often overlooked reality," said Bianco.
The SAWP encouraged us to focus on all the clinically relevant XYOTAX safety data in our application to justify these changes to the statistical analyses, as well as to address the sensitivity of our assay when demonstrating non-inferiority.