SAWPASanta Ana Watershed Project Authority (Riverside, CA)
SAWPASouth African Wood Preservers' Association
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116) Local agencies formed SAWPA in 1974 to manage water supply
This conference focuses on the Santa Ana River watershed's economic importance to the region," said SAWPA General Manager Celeste CantA.
By working together across political and professional boundaries, we can be more efficient and effective in managing our watershed," said Terry Catlin, SAWPA Chair.
About SAWPA and the Santa Ana River Watershed Conference:
The Santa Ana River Watershed Conference 2011 is convened by SAWPA and coordinated by the Water Education Foundation.
2 - conversational interview questions to solicit input from SAWPA
Task 3 Schedule face to face individual interviews with SAWPA
1 - Coordinate with SAWPA staff to schedule appointments.
The qualified firm will work in coordination with SAWPA Clerk of the Board, Kelly
1 - Prepare and present written report to SAWPA Staff.
The qualified firm will provide SAWPA staff with the initial report for inclusion in the
The Contractor shall provide all labor, equipment, materials, and incidentals to provide flow meter calibration and certification at regularly scheduled times (once per year), as well as when requested by SAWPA.