SAWUSouth African Workers Union
SAWUSuar Adhika Wahana Ujindo (Indonesian government contractor)
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Sawu stressed that, the Clause 13 on internal working information is problematic, as it provides a blanket exemption which is inconsistent with the bill itself and observed that exemptions must be narrowed and specific relating to public interest imperative and protection of privacy.
Moses is creating alleged conflict of interest by being in the employ of the company, while refusing to recues himself from serving as chairman of SAWU despite his appointment as Labor Commissioner.
Diggs, a former Secretary General for SAWU, who has served for about two terms, angrily walked out of the election hall on July 2, 2018 and quickly called reporters to make his allegations.
The Papuan substrate extends through Sawu and Sumba, and across central and western Flores.
(Tanimbar) f Ili'uun Wetar island, southern mu'u Hinton 2000 Indonesia g Mambai central Timor mu Capell 1944 h Lamaholot eastern Flores mugo Donohue (own notes) i Sika eastern Flores mu'u Tryon 1995 j Palu'e north-central Flores muku Donohue (own notes) k Ngadha central Flores muku Tryon 1995 1 Manggarai western Flores muku Verheijen 1990 m Sawu Sawu island, southern womu'u Wijngaarden Indonesia 1896 n Kambera eastern Sumba muku Onvlee 1984 (muku refers to a particular species) o Uma central Sulawesi moku Martens pc.
Someone is around saying, "Sawu Bona" (I see you), so be pro-image-makers!
Following several years of rebellion in Sela Lejo, in December 1912 the Dutch arrested a band of men that had attacked a police encampment in the village of Sawu, in order to steal (or recover) tax monies that were held there (Maier 1918: 118-119; see also Dietrich 1985: 285).(11) Then in 1913, the leader of this group, Lewa Wula, a man of Lejo, was turned over to the colonial authorities, as was another man, Aja Eku, who had led a similar attack on an encampment in the village of Wajo (Maier 1918 ibid.).
Speaking on a local radio station recently in Weala, Margibi County, the President of the Salala Agricultural Workers Union or SAWU Mr.
noae is now considered to cover much of the Indo-Pacific, from its western boundary of the northern South China Sea to Sawu Sea, extending to New Caledonia and Kiritimati in the east (Borsa et al.