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Most of the entries in the 'Chronicle' are bare and brief, but sometimes, especially in the accounts of Alfred's own splendid exploits, a writer is roused to spirited narrative, occasionally in verse; and in the tenth century two great battles against invading Northmen, at Brunanburh and Maldon, produced the only important extant pieces of Anglo-Saxon poetry which certainly belong to the West Saxon period.
The Angles, Saxons, and Jutes occupied territories in the region which includes parts of the present Holland, of Germany about the mouth of the Elbe, and of Denmark.
Saxon uttered the other's name with a reproach so profound that she was compelled to rest her own iron for emphasis and so lose a dozen movements.
Two blocks from the laundry, where an arc-light showed a gang of toughs on the corner, Saxon quickened her pace.
Saxon caught her breath and avoided the threatened outburst.
Saxon had known this chest of drawers all her life.
The door slammed violently, and Saxon, ere she fell to crying again, could hear her sister-in-law lumbering about the kitchen and talking loudly to herself.
I am extremely excited to be part of Saxon Global team.
The sword, lent by a private collector, is the only genuine Saxon sword in the Saxons and Vikings exhibition at the museum.
Saxon weighed just 1lb 12oz when he was born three months early - and faced along and diffi-cult journey to survive.
After the Reformation, German ethnicity and Protestantism provided the two dimensions of Saxon identity that characterized the Lutheran church as a "folk church" (Volkskirche).
WHAT A FIND: One of the Saxon treasures held by Dr Steve Sherlock