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(the land of the West Saxons), which had now taken first place among the Anglo-Saxon states, stemmed the tide of invasion and by ceding to the
``Their singular abstemiousness and temperance,'' said De Bracy, forgetting the plan which promised him a Saxon bride.
While, with smooth and smiling cheek, the courtiers, each in turn, followed their Prince's example, and aimed a shaft of ridicule at Cedric, the face of the Saxon became inflamed with passion, and he glanced his eyes fiercely from one to another, as if the quick succession of so many injuries had prevented his replying to them in turn; or, like a baited bull, who, surrounded by his tormentors, is at a loss to choose from among them the immediate object of his revenge.
``have been the follies and vices of our race, a Saxon would have been held nidering,'' * (the most emphatic
term for abject worthlessness,) ``who should in his own hall, and while his own wine-cup passed, have treated, or suffered to be treated, an unoffending guest as your highness has this day beheld me used; and whatever was the misfortune of our fathers on the field of Hastings, those may at least be silent,'' here he looked at Front-de-B uf and the Templar, ``who have within these few hours once and again lost saddle and stirrup before the lance of a Saxon.''
Our Saxon subjects rise in spirit and courage; become shrewd in wit, and bold in bearing, in these unsettled times What say ye, my lords?
The cup went round amid the well-dissembled applause of the courtiers, which, however, failed to make the impression on the mind of the Saxon that had been designed.
"You know that little, wrinkly Mexican that sells wire puzzles?" Saxon queried.
But Saxon noted the heightened color in the other's cheek, and felt her quicker breathing.
"Did you see that other one?" Mary asked, as she backed Saxon in a long slide across the far end of the pavilion.
Bert and Mary addressed each other by their given names, but to Saxon Bert was "Mr.
Her first name's Saxon. Ain't it a scream of a name?"