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So, for instance, in the absence of any scriptural justification for worldly dominion, the tract argues, clergy instead point to "J)e lyuynge of her patrons and sayntis, and sayen ]aus: 'Seynt Thomas [Thomas Becket], and seynt Hwe [Hugh, bishop of Lincoln] and seynt Swithune [Swithin, bishop of Winchester] wer flus lordis, and in bis bai suyd Cristis lyuynge and his lore; perfor we may lefulli be pus lordis'" (629-632).
Over ten bands presented Khusro's Kalam but what enthralled the audience most was the performance by "Shabi Sayen" band which picked the simplest verses of Khusro's poetry and presented it with their catchy musical composition.
Some ethnic culinary staples & delights were not universally available then back, so Jayne would call me a day or two before I left the Left Coast, sayen "Eugene ...
The initiative has also garnered the support of organisations outside the UAE such as South Asia Youth Environment Network (SAYEN), TUNZA and the Australian Youth Climate Association.
The first chapter, written by Lt Col John Sayen, USMC, retired, cogently defends Boyd's priority principle, and the chapters that follow paint a portrait of a people-ideas-hardware US military.
In addition, Honey Achanzar, writing on the ritual function of swords, observes that, 'The Itnegs of Patoc, Abra, tell the story of Silag and Sayen. The legend tells of two brothers of great physical stature, and how one of them drove away evil elements using a mystical sword....
--David Sayen, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regional administrator in San Francisco, on its new five-star system that rates the quality of nursing homes, in the Arizona Republic.
John Sayen's US ARMY INFANTRY DIVISIONS 1944-45 (1846031192, $23.95) reviews the organization, tactics, and military doctrine of the U.S.
(170) See Jamie Sayen, An Opportunity for Big Wilderness in the
Today we are on a family journey and will stop at different villages along the way until we reach Pa' Sayen's home.