SAYIGSame as You Implementation Group (Scotland)
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Beersheba known as the "Sayig," east of Beersheba, an area
in the area, but not to the Bedouin in the Sayig area--who, in contrast
The Lisbon Council is highly critical of the Kok group, sayig it kow-tows too much to special interest groups, such as the EU's social partners, and is unrepresentative of civic society as a whole.
After he has quoted the proverb "Fortuna stultis fauet," he illustrates it by the sayig "Hoe zotter, hoe gelukkiger" ("The more foolish, the more fortunate").(26)
CN So you're sayig that the newer people coming in can expect a lesser time commitment in getting involved?
He referred to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's advice to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by sayig that Ankara can meet its legitimate security interests through talks with the Syrian government, and said it is a valuable advice given Lavrov's high knowledge about the latest developments related to the war in Syria.
The Independent commented on the first hundred days of US President Barack Obma, sayig in part:
"From the age of 12, cricket was going to be his life," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted his father Graham, as sayig.