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nVoq's SayIt solution supports both traditional narrative dictation and voice-enabled workflow automations.
Libby wears a size 10 shoe, and sayit is difficult to find women's shoes in that size, adding: "I managed to find a pair of men's jelly shoes the other day, though.
Royksopp & Robyn Sayit Do It Again TAKEN from mini-album Do It Again, this is a dancefloor filler that lacks the space one normally associates with Robyn in her own right.
Banvit MENA general manager Erdem Sayit says that diners are more informed and that there are a number of reasons for this.
Everything that marks language as poetic--sound patterning,allusions, similes, archaisms, high-flown rhetoric and so on--make itharder to make sense, distracting us from what words say to how they sayit. Even in the most prosaic, plainly spoken poems, linebreaks ensurethat sense is regularly interrupted by the white wordless space beyondthe right-hand margin: Linebreaks are non-sense made visible, blankspace where language, in prose, would normally be.
Sayit, "No arbitrage without semimartingales," The Annals of Applied Probability, vol.
"I don't even want to sayit! I knew that before I came today, and that's why I took solong at the market.
seleg 'snow', naxal 'river', recax 'murder', bohen 'toe (f)', roxav 'width', lexi 'cheek', 'ofi 'character', dese 'grass', sayit 'cruise'
The list of free premium paid apps in BlackBerry App World includes Photo Studio Pro, Room Escape, Pencil Camera, Jigsaw Plus, Popup Display your messages, Slider Lock for BlackBerry, SayIt, Zapp Clock, Create Animated Avatar for BBM, Fruit Slash, iTunes Sync, Catapult, App Lock, Lens Boost and Radio for BlackBerry.
Dragons coach Dai Rees said: "We had chances in the first game against London Irish but this is why I sayit is a harshlearning curve.Icanaccept their team mistakes but I cannot accept the one-on-one skills breakdown which is what the tournament is all about."
"He would always say, 'That was grand' and my sister and I waitedto hear him sayit and had to suppress giggles.