SAYLSuomi Amerikka Yhdistysten Liitto (Finnish: Finnish Association of America; Helsinki; Finland)
SAYLSan Antonio Youth Literacy (San Antonio, TX)
SAYLSorry About Your Luck
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Working in collaboration with renowned Swiss-born and San Franscico-based designer Yves Behar, Sayl provides an unprecedented sense of freedom, delivering best-in-class comfort at an attainable price.
A regular collaborator with Herman Miller, Behar is known for pushing the boundaries of technology and with Sayl he has created a design that offers Herman Miller premium brand heritage at an attainable price.
WHAT THE EXPERTS HAVE TO SAYL PAUL Williams, at chartered accountants Blick Rothenburg: ``If grandparents spend pounds 2,808 net on a stakeholder pension, after tax relief, they reduce their liability to inheritance tax - and the child eventually has a fund of pounds 168,000 or annual income of pounds 15,400 on retirement.
is translated "the legs of many have slipped" (75) when it clearly means "feet." Gerber transcribes another common idiom describing an uncritical scholar as jari f sayl wakhatib layl and translates it as "a torrential current and a suitor in the night" (121) when it should be jarif sayl wa-hatib layl "one who dredges a watercourse during a flood and gathers firewood at night." He makes extensive use of a fascinating treatise by Ibn [Abidin.sup.[subset]] on [urf.sup.[subset]] or custom and its role in legal interpretation, the title of which he gives as Nashr [al-.sup.[subset]]urf fi [bina.sup.[contains]] [bac.sup.[subset]]d al-ahkam [ala.sup.[subset]] [al-.sup.[subset]]urf (110 n.
His Care and Wisdom was great in guarding the Coast around with Ships, to the number of three thousand six hundred, which he divided into Four Squadrons to sayl to and fro about the Four Quarters of the Land, meeting each other.
"Once I told and nobody believed me, that was it," she sayl "I wasn't the kind of kid who would persist in telling until someone believes you.
For wommens sake [??]ys tale y tolde [??]at [??]ey hem out of [??]e chaunsel holde, Wy[??] here kercheuers, [??]y deuels sayl, Elles shul [??]ey go to helle boise top & tayl.
Notre Dame AaAeAeAu Tianen 1 0-0 2, Pryor 4 0-2 9, Bergstrom 1 0-0 3, Sayl 6 6-6 18, Mahorcic 4 4-4 12, Tagani 0 0-0 0, Henderson 0 0-0 0, DAaAeAeAEAmi 3 1-3 7.
PattnisonR, SayL, SouzaJP, BroekN, Rooney C.WHO maternal death and near-miss classifications.Bull World Health Organ 2009; 87(10): 734.
In a similar vein, products such as Yves Behar's Sayl chair for Herman Miller (which retails for $469) and David Adjaye's Washington Skeleton chair for Knoll (which retails at $490)--while not exactly attainable to many--show an effort to bring impeccable, long-lasting design down in price point.
According to tradition, once after the heavy rains (called sayl) had damaged the Ka ba, some Meccans were quarreling about who would have the honor of putting the black stone in its place.