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The SUV hit the rickshaw from the front and its four passengers, including Imam Sayn and Ramazan, got critically injured.
Mirk responded clearly to any competing notion that condemned Christian images: the cross, he contends, is set up in the church so that men can have their minds on Christ's passion, despite "whateuer pes Lollardes sayn" (171).
"I rang the clamping company to sayn what happened and told them I was five months pregnant.
[Forp] ey went for wo And sayn, 'alas in pis lif it beter were at o brayed pan pus in langur to lyue wep [ande sore] how longe schul we dwelle?
More than thirty noble families, or their foundations, have lent some 350 objects, from St Elizabeth's arm-bone in a gem-set silver-gilt reliquary, from Schloss Sayn, to paintings by Blinky Palermo from the Wittelsbach collection.
(55.) The Knight invokes the memory of what "olde bookes sayn" about Theseus's and Perotheus's friendship; that he misrepresents the motive for their self-damnation as, "So wel th3y lovede, as olde bookes sayn, / That whan that oon was deed, soothly to telle, / His felawe wente and soughte hym doun in helle," does not compromise the external reality of the history to which he refers but rather characterizes the Knight as an untrustworthy narrator.
I think it's >:-( man agn praps I'm Bcuming parra - tht Sed eveyone is sAyn dat bout M Bhnd my bk.
Anke Sayn Rainbow of the Regional Language Network North East said: "The company approached me and I was able to help recommend the names of German language trainers for their production staff.
French police sayn said Mr Powell's death appears to be the result of an argument with a stranger.
The "German citizen" who penned the letter is thought to be Princess Gabriela of Sayn, whose daughter Filippa Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, 21, was killed instantly in an horrendous accident on the M5 last September.
The Royal Prussian foundries at Gleiwitz, Berlin and Sayn were quick to follow making an astonishing range of highly ornamental castings.