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SAYSSouth Area Youth Service (Ireland)
SAYSState Agency for Youth and Sports (Bulgaria)
SAYSSerious About Your Skills (website)
SAYSStockton American Youth Soccer (French Camp, CA)
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Sometimes, when a man enters who nods to him, Twemlow says,
'Do you know Veneering?' Man says, 'No; member of the club?' Twemlow says, 'Yes.
'Well,' says the lady, 'that's true; and therefore I'll only take her home for a week, then, that I may see how my daughters and she agree together, and how I like her temper, and then I'll tell you more; and in the meantime, if anybody comes to see her as they used to do, you may only tell them you have sent her out to my house.'
Snagsby in his best coat, looking at all the preparations when they are completed and coughing his cough of deference behind his hand, says to Mrs.
Dat's what I says teh dem: 'Don' come in here an' make no trouble,' I says, like dat.
"All the time," I says, "that you're talking away of an evening, Jerry's seeing visions of a little woman sitting in your chair.
"Tis not me foot at all," says Tobin, interrupting.
I am certain that if you were to ask any Athenian whether virtue was natural or acquired, he would laugh in your face, and say: 'Stranger, you have far too good an opinion of me, if you think that I can answer your question.
He jumped and got the canoe ready, and put his old coat in the bottom for me to set on, and give me the paddle; and as I shoved off, he says:
I reckon it ain't going to suffer none for lack of paint," I says, "when you start in to scollop the facts."
You mean that the return of a deposit of gold which is to the injury of the receiver, if the two parties are friends, is not the repayment of a debt,--that is what you would imagine him to say?
For Western, when Sophia was concerned, had no consideration but for her; and as for Jones himself, he "sat like patience on a monument smiling at grief." To say the truth, when he saw the blood springing from the lovely arm of Sophia, he scarce thought of what had happened to himself.