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SAYSOStrong Able Youth Speaking Out (Durham, NC)
SAYSOSexual Assault Yearly Speak Out (New York)
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An' when I see'd the book open upo' the stall, wi' the lady lookin' out of it wi' eyes a bit like your'n when you was frettin',--you'll excuse my takin' the liberty, Miss,--I thought I'd make free to buy it for you, an' then I bought the books full o' genelmen to match; an' then"--here Bob took up the small stringed packet of books--"I thought you might like a bit more print as well as the picturs, an' I got these for a sayso,--they're cram-full o' print, an' I thought they'd do no harm comin' along wi' these bettermost books.
Other performances will come from twice-yearly Drop Beats Not Bombs anti-war night organiser Boogie Dave as well as Get Carter, PCM, Kaiser Sayso and Marc Reck.
Nouryeh applies the theory of Nommo to The Mojo and the Sayso, explaining how Aishah Rahman's 1989 play illustrates the connection between its titular thematic elements; "Mojo" refers to "the daily rituals in which people engage in order to feel as if they have some sort of control in life;" however, "a mojo remains relatively impotent ...
The joint solution will provide the market with a comprehensive multilingual offering and Elan Sayso golden tones, thus answering to increasing market demand with reliable and innovative application-oriented text-to-speech.
(18.) It must be observed that most of Rahman's plays include music or are musical dramas, such as Lady Day: A Musical Tragedy, Transcendental Blues, The Tale of Madame Zora (a musical biography of Zora Neale Hurston), the libretto Opera Marie Laveau, and The Mojo and the Sayso, for which she won the Doris Abremson Award.
Text-to-speech technology provider Elan Speech has launched a new version of its Elan Sayso product with a British English-sounding voice.
Text to speech technology company Elan Speech has launched a version of its Sayso technology that can be used on the Mac OS X operating system.
"SaySo," the talk page, is a great forum for serious discussions about hard-hitting, deeply spiritual questions.
A lab cannot perform any and every test Start on a clinican's sayso, because if everythign is Stat, nothing is Stat--it all then reverts to rountine testing.
The ICC case on the other hand was only based on the sayso of a disgruntled former provincial government employee who can only present the Wikipedia as an evidence," Sarmiento added.
Can you see Mustapha Leik putting on his thermals in Jeddah on Russ's sayso?
Worldwide Computer Products News-13 March 2003-Elan ships its Sayso Embedded text to speech product(C)1995-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD