SAZOSuper Azo
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Elfving and Visser (2005) and Sazo and Robinson (2011) indicate the possibility of using cyclanilides in apple trees, which interferes with the auxin transport, favoring the development of lateral branches in growing branches in the nursery or in the orchard.
Orrego, Ely (2012), "Desafiando a la fortuna: Maquiavelo y el concepto de <<milagro>>", en Diego Sazo (ed.), La revolucion de Maquiavelo: "El Principe"500 anos despues, Santiago de Chile, ril Editores, pp.
The academic activity was coordinated by the Ambassador of Guatemala in the Russian Federation, Guisela Godnez Sazo, on the occasion of the visit of representatives of the Russian University of Friendship of the Peoples.
Chotisuh Sazo, Member; T Torechu, Member; R Tohanba, Member; Achumbemo Kikon, Member and Sebastian Zumvu, Member.
Una manana de octubre, el teniente de Carabineros Felix Sazo Sepulveda ingresa al Hotel Crown Plaza del centro de Santiago.
Vikheho Swu, Chotisuh Sazo, Kuzholuzo Nienu, Yitachu, C.L John, N.
The 10 NPF legislators are Kiyanilie Peseyie, Y Vikheho Swu, Chotisuh Sazo, Kuzholuzo Nienu, Yitachu, C L John, Thonwang Konyak, P Longon, R Tohanba and Torechu.
The company's colourful founder, Sazo Idemitsu, died in 1981.
The hotel has offered dining on the River Walk at Sazo's Latin Grill restaurant offering Mexican food.
The head of Idemitsu, a legendary industrialist named Sazo Idemitsu, did well -- he paid the cash-strapped Iranians 30 per cent less than market prices.