SB2MSerum Beta 2 Microglobulin (plasma component)
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Addressing the first point, they reported a mean level of sB2M of 5.3 [+ or -] 4.6 mg/L (or 5,300 [+ or -] 4,600 ng/mL) in those with pSS.
[5] reported a sB2M cutoff level of 2.3 mg/L (2,300 ng/mL) to differentiate the SS group from the non-SS group.
[18] previously proposed to study sB2M in order to distinguish patients with pSS from those with sicca symptoms but no autoimmune disease.
Although our study was not underpowered, we did not find a statistically significant difference in sB2M between pSS and sSS groups.