SBAASpina Bifida Association of America
SBAAStandard Basic Assistance Agreement
SBAASouthern Business Administration Association
SBAASelect Benefit Administrators of America
SBAASerbian Bar Association of America
SBAASouth Boston Arts Association
SBAASanta Barbara Art Association (California)
SBAASanta Barbara Athletic Association (California)
SBAASmall Business Accounting and Advisory
SBAASmall Business Association of America
SBAASwitched-Beam Array Antenna
SBAASmall Business Advisory Act
SBAASouth Boston Artists Association
SBAAShipboard Active Aperture (US Navy radar)
SBAAShipboard Active Antenna
SBAASchool Building Assistance Authority
SBAAsustaining base automation architecture
SBAASmall Business Aerospace Association
SBAASanta Barbara Alcoholics Anonymous
SBAASchool of Business Administration and Accountancy (Philippines)
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The SBAA has the obligation to meet the costs incurred by the Republic of Cyprus in handling the claims and supporting the migrants whilst their cases are being heard and, if they are successful, for up to one year.
If a migrant does not claim asylum, the SBAA as the territorial administration of this Overseas Territory remains responsible for their safety and wellbeing whilst detained pending deportation," she explained.
Skyward's SBAA Account Ledger Report provides a complete picture of transactions by activity for various date ranges.
With an initial US$700,000 investment, Sbaas transformed the former Microsoft facility in the Rio Abajo industrial park in Humacao into a music & DVD manufacturing plant.