SBAGSmall Business Advisory Group
SBAGSmall Bodies Assessment Group (US NASA; est. 2008)
SBAGSpina Bifida Association of Georgia
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This work was supported by The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (# SBAG 1558) and Hacettepe University Research Fund (97.T02.101.001).
The general word for "tea brick" and its variant spellings in Tibetan is ja sbag or ja sba khag or ja sba kag or ja bag (Bell,1979 and Goldstein, 2001; p.388).
oF deSIre Owen Hargreaves is desperate to revive a career dogged by injury sBaGS
--, Grub chen bu dhagupta'i rnam thar rje btsun nyidkyi zhal lung lasgzhan du rang rtog gi dris mas sbags pa'i ye ge dag pa'o, Collected Works of Jo nang Taranatha, vol.17; Tashigangpa, Leh 1988.