SBAJSmall Business Association of Jamaica
SBAJSpina Bifida Association of Jacksonville (Jacksonville, FL)
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The BCQ had a lot of single authors publishing in its "Focus on Teaching Column" and "Focus on Business Column." The SBAJ was friendliest to articles written by two persons.
Assistant professors, especially those on the tenure track, should focus on teaming up with a network of two or more other faculty members and shoot for the SBAJ, IJBPA, and the IJER to stand a better chance of being published.
Additionally, for seven of the eight journals the multiple of authors' ratios exceeded the singles authors: JBL has 34 multiples to 13 singles; BCQ has 9 multiples to 21 singles; IJBPA has 25 multiples to 2 singles; SBAJ has 30 multiples to 5 singles; AMR has 14 multiples to 11 singles; IJER has 23 multiples to 3 singles; JAME has 21 multiples to 7 singles; and JBC has 12 multiples to 3 singles.