SBAMSmall Business Association of Michigan
SBAMSustainable Building Assessment Method
SBAMSmall Business Administration of Michigan
SBAMSoftware Based Abled Mixer (open source; disc jockeys)
SBAMSpina Bifida Association of Minnesota (Apple Valley, MN)
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By: Michael Rogers, SBAM Vice President Communications
We look forward to the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with all SBAM members and offer an enhanced line of ancillary benefits designed to meet the needs of each small business owner and their employees.
SBAM provides leadership in the promotion of free enterprise and other common interests of small businesses.
SBAM has endorsed candidates in nearly every House and Senate district.
The number of employers who say they expect to increase their number of workers in the coming year has fluctuated between 20% and 30% since 2000," says SBAM Vice President Communications Michael Rogers.
The quarterly Barometer survey is sponsored by SBAM with the participation and support of the Center for Urban Studies of Wayne State University.
The Fund will continue to be managed by SBAM pursuant to an interim management agreement, which will automatically terminate on April 29, 2006.
Shepherd Advisors and SBAM (Small Business Association of Michigan) join NextEnergy as event partners.