SBAPSmall Business Assistance Program
SBAPStandardbred Breeders Association of Pennsylvania (Hanover, PA)
SBAPSmall Business Accounting Professionals (Canada)
SBAPSerum Bone Alkaline Phosphatase
SBAPService Brake Air Pressure
SBAPSurrey Biodiversity Action Plan (UK)
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Since its inception in 2003, SBAP has awarded a total of $273,000 to grant recipients with small businesses from the food service, plumbing, safety, tourism, and communications industries, Johnson says.
In this case, an adapted acronym, SBAP (situation, background, assessment, plan), could be utilised by medical staff to convey clinical information and the medical plan in a written format.
The types of root instrumentation included the GPAP (test), SBAP (positive control), and the hand instrumentation (positive control).