SBCAPESurface Based CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy; meteorology)
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The intense convective cluster encountered a broad area of simulated SBCAPE of 2,000-2,700 J [kg.sup.-1] located to the south-southwest (Fig.
CWA County Warning Area GSD Global Systems Division HRRR High Resolution Rapid Refresh, NOAA/NWS operational weather prediction system LAPS Local Analysis and Prediction System, also referred to as traditional LAPS SBCAPE Surface-based CAPE vLAPS Variational version of LAPS, also known as STMAS (Space and Time Multiscale Analysis System).
reflectivity, grid points, 3-km Forecast runs 3 surface-based CAPE grid spacing, 3D hourly, out to 4 h, (SBCAPE), CIN, lifted configuration, only output every 15 min index (LI), updraft vLAPS/ARW forecast helicity, simulated products were IR brightness evaluated for temperature, cloud nowcasting ceiling, cloud cover applications Regional domain (Fig.