SBCBSouth Berks Concert Band (UK)
SBCBSound Beach Community Band (Greenwich, CT)
SBCBSalvador da Bahia Convention Bureau (Brazil)
SBCBSuper Boolean Combo Box (software)
SBCBSwivel Bather for Corner Baths (bathing seat)
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Section 3 discusses two methods of reducing the dimensionality of the input parameter space to achieve computational efficiency in MC simulations, PCA and SBCB. Section 4 introduces the concept of Extreme Value Theory (EVT) and explores the algorithm known as "statistical blockade" (SB) [11].
The second is the use of statistical behavioural circuit blocks (SBCB) which substitute functional but computationally simpler circuit models for device-level analogue subcircuits.
This "tau and delay" SBCB model may be used for statistical static timing analysis.
The implementation of SB is initiated by a "seed" netlist which specifies the basic circuit with its SBCB blocks.
To illustrate the computation time savings that may be achieved when synchronous and asynchronous circuits employing SBCB blocks are statistically analysed by MC techniques with SB, a frequently used handshaking component in the asynchronous control circuits produced by the BALSA design package [45], that is, a C-element [46], was considered.
The SBCB model of this array is established from the single cell model and connected together.
Historically, the majority of strains in sublineage IIb harbored a Stx2c-encoding prophage at sbcB, with the yehV SBI site occupied by a truncated non-Stx-encoding prophage (5).
The loss of the Stx2c-encoding phage appears to have facilitated the acquisition of the Stx2a-encoding phage because the latter was inserted into the same SBI site, sbcB, left vacant by the Stx2c-encoding phage.
All insertion sites for stx1 (yehV) and stx2 (wrbA, yecE, sbcB) were intact.