SBCCOMSoldier & Biological Chemical Command (US Army)
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4 of the SBCCOM guideline also provides excellent schematics, photographs, and procedures for mass decontamination via the EDCS and LDS and commonly used first responder equipment.
As with the SBCCOM guidelines, the focus of SOAR-03-10 is on responding to and decontaminating victims of chemical or biological incidents; however, the sections on general decontamination principles and the setup and management of incident sites are useful for nuclear scenarios as well.
Engineers working on research and development projects will benefit from higher-speed links to Internet-based SBCCOM databases and Web sites and faster connections to wider military installations and supercomputers.
The CB-RRT reports to the SBCCOM deputy commanding general for homeland security.
If you need something in writing on getting rid of the faceforms, see SBCCOM Maintenance Advisory Message (MAM) 99-05.
This technology utilizes DNA-based identification technology being developed at SBCCOM along with MFSI's integration technologies and microfluidic devices, modules, and platforms.
SBCCOM, "Improving Local and State Agency Response to Terrorist Incidents Involving Biological Weapons--Interim Planning Guide," August 1999.
As an inventory management specialist for SBCCOM (now TACOM-RI), I've seen evidence that some supply types in the Field don't understand the required delivery date (RDD) when submitting requisitions.
The chairman is from industry and is appointed by the commander of SBCCOM in conjunction with the vice president of operations for NDIA.
In fact, SBCCOM engineers are visiting units in the Army Reserve, National Guard, and Active Army to check on the masks.
Barringer detection products were designed and developed with significant input from users such as the FAA, SBCCOM, FBI, Coast Guard, Customs, TSWG, and State Department.
Under a project called the Military Improved Response Program (MIRP), SBCCOM partnered with and provided civilian first responders and emergency managers practical solutions to improve their preparedness in cases of biological and chemical terrorism.