SBCERASan Bernardino County Employees' Retirement Association
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Barrett, SBCERA Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer.
The Board of Retirement's responsibilities and functions are governed by the applicable provisions of the California Government Code, along with the bylaws and regulations of SBCERA.
Muralidhar, unsurprisingly, beams when speaking of how his software has aided SBCERA.
The Board's primary role is to appropriately govern and manage SBCERA to ensure the safety and stability of its more than $5 billion pension fund for its members, beneficiaries, representative organizations and participating public agencies.
SBCERA Board meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 9:00 a.
AB 1406 gives SBCERA the authority to hire its employees, which is expected to increase the staff stability and improve the pension plan's overall service levels and investment success.
It is in the best interest for all public pension funds, such as SBCERA, and their members that they have the authority and ability to efficiently hire and retain qualified individuals that they feel can successfully manage and administer retirement benefits for all public employees.
SBCERA will be allowed to create a parallel trust fund to invest retiree healthcare benefits; it will offer the same protections for retirees and their employers as the existing retirement fund.
I am honored to have carried this legislation for SBCERA.
Our board is bursting with pride at receiving such a prestigious industry award," declared SBCERA Board of Trustees Chairman Marvin M.
SBCERA was also awarded the "Small Public Pension Plan of the Year" for its 2004 performance.
Belko and James Smith were designated by AIM to handle the SBCERA portfolio.