SBCNSmall Business Center Network (various locations)
SBCNSitting Behind the Computer, Naked
SBCNSmall Business Community Network (Canada)
SBCNSociety for Biochromatography and Nanoseparations (formerly European Society of Biochromatography)
SBCNSwaziland Breast Cancer Network
SBCNSmall Business Club Niagara, Inc. (Canada)
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Population P202 was grown in the field in 1993 under natural powdery mildew and SBCN conditions.
Population P912 was mass selected two additional times in the field at Salinas under natural rhizomania, SBCN, and powdery mildew conditions to produce population N112 and in 2003, N312.
At Brawley, the progeny test was under severe SBCN conditions.
CN72 segregates for resistance to SBCN and rhizomania conditioned by Rz1.
No attempt has been made to determine if any variability for SBCN resistance remains from WB242.