SBCRShreveport Bossier Community Renewal (Louisiana)
SBCRSlurry Bubble Column Reactor (energy technology)
SBCRSistema Bibliotecario Castelli Romani (Italian: Castelli Romani Library System; Rome, Italy)
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The four test feeds, SB, SBCR, SBM, and TKPER, and ryegrass straw were sampled from 4 batches during the metabolic experiment, and analyzed for DM, CP, EE, and crude ash (CA) according to the standards of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists [15].
The CP contents of TKPER are similar to those of soybean, and slightly less than those of SBM; the EE contents are similar to those of SB and SBCR according to the NARO [14].
The TKPER-R diet was ingested completely by wethers fed at 2% of BW on a DM basis and the DM intake was similar among the four treatments (Table 3), which indicated that TKPER was not less palatable for wethers than SB, SBM, or SBCR.
Chemical composition (%) of the test feeds and ryegrass straw Item SB SBCR SBM TKPER Ryegrass straw Dry matter 93.
From the ambiguity of Dylan Thomas' "Ugly, lovely town", it is our aspiration, and our determination to work alongside partners in the SBCR to transform the Swansea Bay into an inspiring, prosperous city.
Professor Richard B Davies is vice-chancellor of Swansea University and a member of the SBCR Board
For instance, the SBCR was significantly lower when phlebotomists rather than nonphlebotomists acquired blood culture specimens.
Unlike the previous 2 studies of SBCRs, this study was also designed to ascertain whether certain hospital practices relating to the performance of blood cultures were associated with lower SBCRs.
Unlike the previous Q-Probes studies of SBCRs, (6) we made no attempt to ascertain the reasons why clinicians requested solitary rather than multiple cultures.
Solitary blood culture rates were lower in hospitals in which SBCRs were monitored as part of routine institutional quality control than they were in hospitals in which SBCRs were not monitored routinely.