SBCRShreveport Bossier Community Renewal (Louisiana)
SBCRSlurry Bubble Column Reactor (energy technology)
SBCRSistema Bibliotecario Castelli Romani (Italian: Castelli Romani Library System; Rome, Italy)
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Event administrator Zed Avecilla explained that Mandrake III secured the SBCR trophy after accumulating six points-five points in the inshore race and one point in the offshore event-while Centennial III scored five points total.
Avecilla said the combined and SBCR trophy was awarded to Mandrake III, which accumulated six points for both events-five points in the inshore race and one point in the offshore race-winning by only one point against Echauz's Centennial III.
Contradicting reason method (SBCR) aims to reduce subjects' BTA score and trading biases by forcing subjects to think about contradicting reasons against their decision-making.
Table 2: Descriptive Results for Round Two of the Experiment Variable Mean Median S1 SBCR SBFB S1 SBCR SBFB BTA Score -0.052 0.586 0.476 0 0.40 0.40 Trading 436 560 544 450 550 500 Volume Price 3.87 0.96 1.04 0.18 0.20 0.16 Prediction Error Variable Mann-Whitney test Z value (p value) SBCR SBFB BTA Score -4.005 -3.101 (<0.0001) (**) (0.0019) (**) Trading -1.973 -1.732 Volume (0.0485) (**) (0.0833) (*) Price 0.161 0.496 Prediction (0.8732) (0.6201) Error Note: 1) A Shapiro-Wilk normality test confirmed all the variables are not normally distributed (p<0.001) at the 95% significance level.
The four test feeds, SB, SBCR, SBM, and TKPER, and ryegrass straw were sampled from 4 batches during the metabolic experiment, and analyzed for DM, CP, EE, and crude ash (CA) according to the standards of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists [15].
The CP contents of TKPER are similar to those of soybean, and slightly less than those of SBM; the EE contents are similar to those of SB and SBCR according to the NARO [14].
The TKPER-R diet was ingested completely by wethers fed at 2% of BW on a DM basis and the DM intake was similar among the four treatments (Table 3), which indicated that TKPER was not less palatable for wethers than SB, SBM, or SBCR. The CP digestibility of TKPER-R was higher than that of SBCR-R (p<0.05), and the EE digestibility of TKPER-R was higher than that of SBM-R (p<0.05), which might have resulted from its relatively higher CP and EE contents.
Guiding the SBCR Board is a focus on projects that will "shift the needle", that is, deliver a transformative outcome for the region.
Critical to the growth of these industries in the SBCR are the presence of world-leading researchers and a plentiful supply of highly skilled workers to position Swansea as a city of innovation.
From the ambiguity of Dylan Thomas' "Ugly, lovely town", it is our aspiration, and our determination to work alongside partners in the SBCR to transform the Swansea Bay into an inspiring, prosperous city.
(6) Although the participants' SBCRs in this study were consistently less than those determined previously, strict correlation of data from this study with those of the previous studies is not possible, since the definition of SBCR used in the current study differs from that used previously.
For instance, the SBCR was significantly lower when phlebotomists rather than nonphlebotomists acquired blood culture specimens.