SBCTStryker Brigade Combat Team (US Army)
SBCTSouth Bend Civic Theatre
SBCTSam Bass Community Theatre
SBCTSouth Baldwin Community Theatre
SBCTSouthern Baptists of Texas Convention
SBCTSan Benito County Transit
SBCTStandardized Bible Content Test
SBCTSistema Brasileiro de Ciência e Tecnologia
SBCTStudent Behavior Consultation Team
SBCTSchweizerischer Berufsverband Craniosacral-Therapie
SBCTSchool-Based Compact Team
SBCTSouth Bay Combustion Turbine
SBCTSingle-cell Battery Capacity Tester
SBCTSamaya Bharati Charitable Trust
SBCTSchool Base Collaboration Team (DoD Schools)
SBCTStarBase Computer Tech (Powhatan, VA)
SBCTSociety of Body Computed Tomography
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The newest edition of Army Techniques Publication 4-90, Brigade Support Battalion, specifically states that legacy SBCT brigade support battalions (BSBs) do not have FSCs.
5) Ori Avila, "The Evolution of the 5/2 SBCT TSE Program," Army Chemical Review, Winter 2012, <http://chemical.
This broad, unprecedented program has successfully addressed concerns among the German population and the train authorities and has showcased the ability of an organic SBCT military police platoon to police its own.
The SBCT must be configured to use the fielded systems and data products as designed so that the systems will function in the same manner as the unit trains to conduct combat operations.
Williams then fired another 200 rounds before the weapon jammed and B Company, 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 172nd SBCT, (now 1-5th, 1-25th SBCT) arrived to provide security.
staff and commanders have struck up a relationship with another of the division's SBCTs already deployed to the Middle East.
Almost immediately after certification, the recently renamed 3d SBCT received orders to deploy to Iraq.
All told, there will be 21 infantry units of action, 22 armored units of action, and 5 SBCTs.
The SBCT combine the capacity for rapid deployment with survivability and tactical mobility.
Nick Mullen, with the brigade coordination cell, noted there are more infantry soldiers in an SBCT than in a heavy brigade or a light brigade.