SBCTStryker Brigade Combat Team (US Army)
SBCTSouth Bend Civic Theatre
SBCTSam Bass Community Theatre
SBCTSouth Baldwin Community Theatre
SBCTSouthern Baptists of Texas Convention
SBCTSan Benito County Transit
SBCTStandardized Bible Content Test
SBCTSistema Brasileiro de Ciência e Tecnologia
SBCTStudent Behavior Consultation Team
SBCTSchweizerischer Berufsverband Craniosacral-Therapie
SBCTSchool-Based Compact Team
SBCTSouth Bay Combustion Turbine
SBCTSingle-cell Battery Capacity Tester
SBCTSamaya Bharati Charitable Trust
SBCTSchool Base Collaboration Team (DoD Schools)
SBCTStarBase Computer Tech (Powhatan, VA)
SBCTSociety of Body Computed Tomography
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The FSC works well in other BCTs, but given the current manning and equipment shortfalls, the SBCT BSB can provide responsive support using LSTs.
I spent most of my time focusing on detainee operations and Iraqi police operations since they were both SBCT mission priorities.
At the time of writing, small quantities of Stryker vehicles had already been fielded with the initial SBCT at Fort Lewis, Washington.
Every distribution platoon Soldier in an SBCT should be cross-trained on the other platoon members' MOSs.
The SBCT has three organic systems capable of destroying enemy armor and can employ lethal fires to disrupt and neutralize armored forces.
The SBCT is unique in that the entire CBRN reconnaissance platoon is assigned to the SBCT squadron by a modified table of organization and equipment, rather than attached like many reconnaissance platoons of other brigades.
Army Pacific, the 515th Air Mobility Operations Wing at Diego Garcia, representatives from the 5/2 SBCT Port Support Activity, as well briefers from Project Manager Stryker and the 599th.
Anticipating and planning the proper employment of military police to support the SBCT.
1) The Stryker, also designed for small scale contingencies, was quickly used in counterinsurgency (COIN) operations, and early entry operation skills atrophied as the SBCT focused on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
CPT Cabic's key assignments include S2 Advisor to the Operation Coordination Center-Provincial (OCC-P) Kabul Province, Afghanistan; Prophet Platoon Leader D Troop, 5-1 CAV, 1-25 SBCT; Executive Officer D Troop, 5-1 CAV, 1-25 SBCT, and Assistant Brigade S2 for 1-25 SBCT.
July 2008--Discharged of 1,441 pieces of equipment for the 4/2 SBCT and AMC retrograde off the USNS Brittin and moved via convoy, and military and commercial truck to three destinations.