SBCTCState Building & Construction Trades Council (California)
SBCTCState Board of Community & Technical Colleges (Washington)
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SBCTC ultimately chose the Tegrity Campus solution, which supports content storage either on campus or in the cloud.
In launching this work, the SBCTC was motivated by a study conducted by the Washington State Training and Education Coordinating Board showing that, by itself, adult basic education has little net impact on students' wages in the short and long terms, and only a modest impact on rates of employment.
The SBCTC has on several occasions convened staff and faculty in adult basic skills, workforce education (called occupational programs in Washington State), and student services from all colleges in its system to discuss how they can work together to support educational and career advancement by students, particularly those who come unprepared for college.
The SBCTC is also trying to provide fiscal incentives to create stronger ties between adult basic skills and occupational programs.
Colleges individually were starting to use Tableau but it wasn't cost efficient for each of them to deploy Tableau Server," said Michael Scroggins, Deputy Executive Director for Information and Technology and Chief Information Officer at SBCTC.
We're thrilled to work with SBCTC to find a way to bring data analytics to the everyday decision makers at each of its 34 schools.
Instrumental in Ciber's selection as the SBCTC implementation and managed services partner was the consulting company's extensive experience in the higher education market and Oracle expertise.
While Tegrity's cloud-based service model supports the storage of content either on campus or in the cloud, SBCTC opted for full cloud-based delivery due to it being the most cost-effective option.
The cloud-based nature and high-level of automation of Tegrity takes an enormous load off the IT resources within the colleges that make up our system, making it more practical than server or appliance-based solutions for such a large-scale deployment," said Cable Green, Director, eLearning and Open Education for SBCTC.
Also key to the selection of Tegrity Campus was the ability for each institution to manage various settings, generate its own reports, and control the look and feel of the interface (such as colors and logo), while at the same time allowing SBCTC to generate system-wide reports.