SBCTCState Building & Construction Trades Council (California)
SBCTCState Board of Community & Technical Colleges (Washington)
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TIAA-CREF's sole recordkeeping solution streamlines plan enrollment, manages employee contributions and tracks transactions related to loans and withdrawals, giving SBCTC significantly more visibility into its plan's management and accounting.
In its sole recordkeeping model, SBCTC can also provide employees with a comprehensive view of all the assets in their retirement plan, which gives employees the ability to make better decisions regarding their investment mix, risk profile and portfolio rebalancing.
SBCTC ultimately chose the Tegrity Campus solution, which supports content storage either on campus or in the cloud.
In launching this work, the SBCTC was motivated by a study conducted by the Washington State Training and Education Coordinating Board showing that, by itself, adult basic education has little net impact on students' wages in the short and long terms, and only a modest impact on rates of employment.
The SBCTC has on several occasions convened staff and faculty in adult basic skills, workforce education (called occupational programs in Washington State), and student services from all colleges in its system to discuss how they can work together to support educational and career advancement by students, particularly those who come unprepared for college.
Instrumental in Ciber's selection as the SBCTC implementation and managed services partner was the consulting company's extensive experience in the higher education market and Oracle expertise.
The study also sought to identify the critical points where adult students drop out or fail to advance to the next level in order to help SBCTC staff stimulate thinking among educators throughout the system about how to bridge those gaps and thereby facilitate student advancement.
The SBCTC staff is using the findings of the study to stimulate reflection and discussion among educators throughout the system on how they can better serve low-skill adult students.