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Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) leaders have expressed the urgent need for a Stryker training simulator.
So it is possible that rapidly deploying SBCTs may be able to gain additional equipment such as up-armored humvees for platoons needing convoy security platforms.
The addition of a combat maneuver battalion to the SBCT is not
Between May and August 2009, the 833rd supported Fort Lewis, Wash., the only West Coast power projection platform, with the deployment of three Stryker Brigade Combat Teams to Southwest Asia, to include the first SBCT sent to Afghanistan.
staff and commanders have struck up a relationship with another of the division's SBCTs already deployed to the Middle East.
The US Air Force also received its first Strykers in May 2005, five vehicles transferred from the army, for use by air support operations teams assigned to the SBCTs. It is possible that more vehicles will be ordered for this role.
Additionally, the USACMLS and SBCTs with fielded vehicles will receive a common driver trainer/Stryker variant (CDT/SV).
The TACP Stryker also has a station for the Remote Operations Video Enhanced Receiver (ROVER) system, which enables TACPs to relay video imagery from the Shadow and Raven UAVs that form part of the Army's SBCTs, as well as from USAF Predators, to the battlefield assets that need it, like fighters and CAS aircraft.
One large medium-speed roll-on roll-off (LMSR) vessel or two fast sealift ships can lift almost an entire Stryker brigade combat team (SBCT).
This is hardly surprising, as the formation of SBCTs would appear to have no detrimental effect upon the infantry.
The Department of Defense approved plans for the Army to field six Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCT).