SBDBSmall Business Database
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Videotapes were made of the experimental sessions conducted with Subjects SBdb, SMdb, KMhs, BGhs, and BBhs.
Besides a detailed identification of the ownership structure of each establishment, the USELM file of SBDB links the performance of each establishment at two-year intervals beginning in 1976 and ending 1986, thereby tracking each establishment over what constitutes a ten-year longitudinal data base.
In Chapter 10, Kirchhoff and Phillips discuss research applications of the Small Business Data Base (SBDB) of the United States Small Business Administration.
Noting the comparability of the new data banks with the more traditional sources, Acs and Audretsch offer the SBDB and the SBIDB as more reliable and pertinent for studying the role of innovation and firm size.
[4] Firms in the largest growth decile expanded approximately 1200 percent between their founding in 1976 and the last recorded observation in the SBDB in 1986.