SBDDStructure-Based Drug Design
SBDDSouth Broward Drainage District (Florida)
SBDDShared Binary Decision Diagram
SBDDSmall Bowel Displacement Device
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The promise of SBDD for GPCRs is that rational design can now be used to identify and optimise ligands that bind challenging or undruggable GPCR targets," said Fiona Marshall, Heptares' Chief Scientific Officer and co-author of the paper.
As an example of this, the authors describe Heptares' recent work on the SBDD of A[sub.
First, the integration of Althexis' proprietary ACTT technology with Microcide's VALID platform will help speed target validation and new compound discovery, while Althexis' SBDD will help guide our multiple lead-optimization efforts to achieve better drug candidates, sooner.
Navia is a pioneer in the application of SBDD to the discovery and development of novel and commercially successful new drugs for infectious disease.
The combination of ACTT with its SBDD capabilities provided Althexis with a truly comprehensive and integrated platform for drug discovery.