SBDTStanford Ballroom Dance Team (Stanford University; California)
SBDTSectoral Background Data Table
SBDTSerbia-Beer Drinking Team
SBDTSchool Bus Driver Training (Indiana Department of Education)
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Iran's state-owned holding company Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development & Renovation is already the majority investor in SBDT, with 51%, and mine development has picked up since the two nations renewed a 25-year agreement in 2015.
Thomas Aquinas, Super Boetium De Trinitate (hereafter, "SBDT") q.
8 "Unde sicut aliae potentiae activae naturales suis passivis coniunctae sufficiunt ad naturales operationes, ita etiam anima habens in se potentiam activam et passivam sufficit ad perceptionem veritatis"; SBDT I-IIae, q.
Diretor da Sociedade Brasileira de Direito Tributario (SBDT).