SBETSmoothed Best Estimate of Trajectory (topography software)
SBETSmall Business Employee Training (Louisiana Department of Labor)
SBETSmall Business Economic Trends
SBETSimple Bioaccessibility Extraction Test
SBETSustainable Building Evaluation Tool (now Sustainable Building Assessment Methodology; Switzerland)
SBETStandards and Body of Evidence Tracking (education; Wyoming)
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The SBET surface area results for the photocatalytic powders are shown in Table 2.
Although the concentration of ionic liquid in system and SBet of porous material are not high, these results indicate that micro and mesostructured ILHCPs are indeed more than suitable candidate for C[O.sub.2] capture.
A minimum of five days service credit shall accrue to all government employees serving as members of the BEI, SBEI, BET or SBET. Other benefits shall include death and/or medical assistance for election-related risks at rates to be determined by the Comelec and DBM.
The specific surface area (SBET) was obtained using the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) method with 10 points [24].
The BET surface area SBET of the prepared catalysts (Tablet) recorded 12.63 and 43.73 [m.sup.2]/g for CaO prepared from MS and CS, respectively.
Lead bioaccessibility in turmeric samples was estimated using the simple bioavailability extraction test (SBET), an in vitro gastric fluid extraction that simulates metal dissolution in the stomach.
The ashes were formed under various operational conditions and contained different amounts of unburned carbon, had different inner surface area SBET (see below), and contained different amounts of PAHs as GC-UV analyses showed.
"Sur bila ngoma kama chakula bila chumvi [Sur without drums is like food without salt]," says Sbet al-Ghelani, a security officer and musician in Sur, reciting in Swahili.
Ignore for the moment the current recovery--which is considerably worse than all other recent recoveries, regardless of whether they are linked to financial crises--and consider Figure 1, which presents time paths for the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends (SBET) Optimism Index (7) (a measure of overall small firm performance) following the five most recent recessions since 1970.
At that stage Centrebet will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sportingbet's Australian arm, Sbet Australia Pty Ltd, and the cash consideration, plus two further payments to Centrebet shareholders under a goods and services tax claim, will be handed over.
One method which has gained acceptance among researchers is the simplified physiological-based extraction test (SBET) (Kelly et al.
The BET surface area, SBET, and total pore volume values were obtained using the NZ adsorption isotherms measured at 77 K using an ASAP 2010 adsorption apparatus.