SBEUSingapore Bank Employees' Union
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In this study, women refer to the SBEU members who work in the banking industry.
Many women in SBEU are not interesting in participate the employee's union activity due to the responsibilities to the family and women have other commitment for the husband and children at the same time (Jikunan, 2001).
The Employee's Union in banking industry in Sabah included Sabah Bank Employee's Union (SBEU) and Sabah Bank Executive Union.
The table shows that the female members in the SBEU are more than the male member.
SBEU is a union has good relationship with national and international employee's union.
The findings from this study through the interviews of the respondents show that many members of SBEU do not interesting in participate the activities and leadership of employee's union owing to the responsibilities to the family, for example, no time for the employee's union's meeting, the response of the family members to the involvement of women in employee's union, over work load, do not aware of the existence of the employee's union and so on.
At end-2017, SBEU's impaired loans (loans 90 days overdue plus other impaired loans) equaled a high 11% of gross loans, 60% covered with loan loss allowance (LLA).
The credit quality of SBEU's largest corporate loans is adequate, as these are either leading CEE corporate or Russia-related businesses of sound credit quality.
SBEU's capital buffer is reasonably high as expressed by a high 17% FCC ratio at end-2017 complemented by loss-absorbing subordinated debt from the parent equal to further 4% of risk-weighted assets.
SBEU pursues a self-funding strategy and was 80% customer funded at end-1H18.
SBEU's IDRs could be upgraded to the level of SBR, eliminating the one-notch difference, in the event of (i) significantly higher integration with the parent; (ii) an increase in the proportion of business devoted to servicing core group clients; and (iii) an extended track record of profitable operations, reinforcing the parent's long-term strategic commitment to its subsidiary.
An upgrade of SBEU's VR would require materially stronger performance and an extended record of stable asset quality.