SBFASanta Bannon/Fine Art (Bethlehem, PA)
SBFASuntory Beverage & Food Asia
SBFAServer Based Fairness Approach
SBFASet Back Front Axle
SBFASan Buenaventura Foundation for the Arts (Ventura, CA)
SBFASomali Breeders and Fanciers Association, Inc. (cat group)
SBFAShort Back-Fire Antenna
SBFASmall Business Franchise Act of 1999
SBFAStandard Basic Framework Agreement (UN Development Programme)
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Also in 2009, during the World Voice Congress, the Brazilian multidisciplinary committee for occupational voice use (COMVOZ) (57) was created by ABORL-CCF, the National Occupational Medicine Association (ANAMT), ABLV and SBFa, in an attempt to achieve rapprochement between SLPs and ENT physicians.
The then COSAT-MS, together with CEREST-RJ and representatives of SBFa, CFFa, and COMVOZ reviewed the WRVD protocol.
(b) Different steps are followed for the designing of SBFA antenna.
On the other hand, the directional gain of microwave cavity antennas (1) is rather small, since it is not easy to build a short-backfire antenna (SBFA) (2) with a directivity larger than approximately 17 dBi.
Component 3 Small Business Financing Agency Capacity Building : involving reorganization of SBFA s structure and redefinition of the roles and functions of staff and Board of Directors .
O Comite de Comunicacao Suplementar e Alternativa do Departamento de Linguagem da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia (SBFa) [7] visa organizar acoes que ampliem a insercao da atuacao do fonoaudiologo na area, com discussoes cientificas a respeito dos referenciais teoricos e praticos.
Documento oficial 02/2002 do Comite de Motricidade Oral da SBFa. Sao Paulo, 2002.
Em 1998, a Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia (SBFa) criou o Comite de Motricidade Orofacial, hoje denominado Departamento de Motricidade Orofacial.