SBFCCSubic Bay Freeport Chamber of Commerce (Philippines)
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Marcos said that with the help of businesses here, spearheaded by the SBFCC, this premier Freeport can achieve more "if only government is able to buttress it by consistently aligning its programs and policies with those of the efforts of the private sector in trying to create the favorable market conditions in the hope of enticing and attracting good and profitable business?"
As the guest of honor and speaker at the event, Marcos was welcomed by Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Roberto Garcia Jr., SBFCC President Rose Baldeo, Olongapo Mayor Rolen Paulino, Zambales Administrator Omar Ebdane, SBFCC officials, SBMA officials and college students inside the Freeport.
talks about the importance of the role of locators boosting the performance of Subic Bay Freeport Zone at the SBFCC General Membership Meeting at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, yesterday.
Companies already inside will decrease because of the higher tax compared to what they are paying right now,' the SBFCC chief said.
SBFCC President, Rose Baldeo, said the leadership issue between SBMA Chair Martin Dino and SBMA Administrator Wilma Eisma over Dino's alleged encroachment into Eisma's management functions has caused confusion among business locators as well as prospective investors in Subic.
SBFCC vice president, Derrick Manuel, shared Baldeo's assessment that a 'capable manager' was needed to head the SBMA.
While Eisma got the backing of SBFCC, Dino had been supported by the ruling PDP-Laban in the SBMA leadership conflict.
She said SBFCC was looking forward to a formal meeting with Eisma.
'Moving forward, the locators of Subic Bay expect many great things from Attorney Eisma, which is both a compliment and a heavy burden on her shoulders,' the SBFCC statement said.
'The SBFCC is always supportive of the SBMA chairman [and] administrator as long they continue to promote and strengthen the business environment in the free port,' Baldeo told the Inquirer in a text message.
18, Danny Piano, SBFCC chair, told Mateo Mayuga, president of the Glenn Defense Marine Asia Philippines Inc., that the firm's membership in the business group has been terminated.
Piano said such violations are "deemed inimical to the interests of the SBFCC due to the damage it can cause to the organization's name."