SBFISodium Binding Benzofuran Isophthalate
SBFIStep and Blended Family Institute (Tottenham, Ontario, Canada)
SBFISodium-Binding Furan Indicator
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We therefore compared the ability of 11 structurally diverse food-use pyrethroids to evoke sodium influx in cerebrocortical neurons using SBFI, a sodium-sensitive fluorescent dye.
Visitors to the SBFI stand will be able to view the new system of public service counters for the first time.
SBFI believes the smaller size and reduced heat output of the ThinkStation C20 and C20x workstations will provide greater flexibility for users who have high processing requirements and are a great match for our products," said Andrew Plumbly, International Business Director, SBFI, Ltd.
Roger Tsien of such probes as Fluo-3, Rhod-2, and SBFI and a pioneer in the filed of fluorescent probes chemistry -- TEF Labs is a leader in the market of fluorescent ion indicators.