SBFISodium Binding Benzofuran Isophthalate
SBFIStep and Blended Family Institute (Tottenham, Ontario, Canada)
SBFISodium-Binding Furan Indicator
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This brings the total number of ambulance units donated by SBFI over the past three years to five.
'As the preferred humanitarian partner, we assure SBFI that their support will reach the most vulnerable communities.
The students and volunteers also appreciate the ease of finding community service hours through the SBFI website.
Neuronal intracellular [Na.sup.+] concentration ([Na.sup.+],) was determined by sodium-binding benzofuran isophthalate (SBFI) fluorescence measurement as described previously (Cao et al.
We therefore compared the ability of 11 structurally diverse food-use pyrethroids to evoke sodium influx in cerebrocortical neurons using SBFI, a sodium-sensitive fluorescent dye.
Visitors to the SBFI stand will be able to view the new system of public service counters for the first time.
Cells were loaded with the cell-permeant AM-ester form of SBFI for one hour, then rinsed with skate Ringer's (2).
Address : Staatssekretariat Fr Bildung, Forschung Und Innovation Sbfi, Einsteinstrasse 2, 3003 Bern, Schweiz
Der Hauptakteur in der Schweiz, das Staatssekretariat fur Bildung, Forschung und Innovation, orientiert sich bezuglich Forschung und Innovation an der Leitlinie Konsolidierung der kompetitiven Forderung auf hohem Niveau und weitere Starkung der internationalen Wettbewerbsfahigkeit der Schweiz (SBFI 2013).
Under the auspices of the British Airport Services & Equipment Association, the UK pavilion will have a strong presence with companies such as Logan Fabricom, Fernau Avionics, Houchin, SBFI and OMK Design.
For this reason, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SBFI) is launching a communication campaign, which is intended to inform potential graduates and enterprises about the possible path to a vocational qualification.
The department computer science (IT) is the service provider for the entire SBFI. In cooperation with the Federal Office of computer science and Telecommunications and the Information Service Center WBF ISCeco specialized applications are operated, projects carried out and offer support for more than 350 employees.