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Using human breast cancer cell line MCF-7, the antiproliferative effects of baicalin-deprived-fraction (SbFl), SbE, and other fractions were evaluated.
To explore the potential mechanism by which baicalin-deprived-fraction (SbFl) inhibits cell growth, the cell cycle profile was assayed by flow cytometry after staining with PI, and the assay data of SbFl were compared with SbF2, SbF3, and the whole SbE.
The cell proliferation assay results suggested that after treatment with baicalin-deprived-fraction (SbFl), the viable cell number was decreased in a dose-dependent manner (Fig.
Therefore, we still try to calculate the difference between [Susp.sub.i] of the faulty statement and [Susp.sub.j] of the statement and expect that the rank of faulty statement in the report of SBFL is not impaired.
According to the analysis and proof about Tarantula and Nashi2 in Sections 2.2 and 2.3, we draw a conclusion that the accuracy of SBFL would not be affected by the class ratio of failed to passed test cases when we change the class ratio using a nonrandom PNF strategy.
(4) At least keeping the same fault localization accuracy of SBFL as the original test suite.
The three figures show that class ratio has effect on fault localization performance when using random strategy to generate test suite for all four SBFL techniques.
Figure 3(b) about Space program indicates that the four classical SBFL techniques could get better fault localization accuracy with a more balanced test suite using random strategy.
In experiment, we also found that the score of different faulty versions has a significant difference with the same SBFL method, while the results of some version have same tendency.
Every suspiciousness calculation of SBFL method is closely related to the number of passed and failed test cases.
The experiments indicated the PNF strategy is effective for SBFL. Based on the original test suite, it can generate a new more balanced test suite, which has smaller test suite size (average 90% test cases are reduced), the same accuracy of SBFL, and the same statement coverage.