SBGPSecure Bgp
SBGPState Block Grant Program
SBGPSouth Bank Gamelan Players (percussion instrument ensemble; UK)
SBGPSecuring the Border Gateway Protocol (journal article)
SBGPStructural Biology and Genomics Platform (University of Strasbourg; France)
SBGPSerum Bone Gla-Protein
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He added that the flour mill will be erected on a 52,852-sqm parcel of land inside the SBGP and will be completed within a two-year timeframe.
A very significant contribution to this area is the secure BGP (SBGP) proposal by Kent et al.
The sBGP protocol places digital signatures over the address and AS path information contained in routing advertisements and defines an associated PKI for validation of these signatures.
There are a number of significant issues that have been identified with sBGP including the computation burden for signature generation and validation as well as the increased load in BGP session restart.
A refinement to the sBGP approach is secure origin BGP (SoBGP) proposed by White [16] in an effort to find a middle ground between the additional security processing overhead and the capabilities of deployed routing systems and security infrastructure.