SBHASmall Business Hospitality Association
SBHASouth Boston Harbor Academy (Massachusetts)
SBHAShepherds Bush Housing Association (UK)
SBHASpina Bifida Hydrocephalus Association (various locations)
SBHASanta Barbara Housing Authority (California)
SBHASouth Bend Housing Authority (Indiana; also seen as HASB; aka Housing Authority of the City of South Bend)
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But the SBHA insist the old hostel is not fit to house any of them.
The basic service is to maintain open land to the satisfaction of SBHA Tenants, including but not exclusively: grass cutting, edging and removal of cuttings; pre cut litter clearance; hedge and shrub cutting and removal of trimmings; tree maintenance; weed control pathways; and winter gritting to Amenity Schemes.
Contract Notice: SBHA~s principal requirement is the provision of an Internal Audit service, based on 25 days to SBHA and its subsidiary company, SBHA Plus, as required by the Scottish Housing Regulator, Institute of Internal Auditors, UK and other regulatory bodies.
Built in a joint effort between our two companies, this SBH partnership will provide operators access to a Turbomeca Arrius 2R tailored SBHA Program promoted by Bell Helicopter from the time they purchase their aircraft, said Maxime Faribault, executive vice president, Aircraft Manufacturer Sales.