SBHCSchool-Based Health Center
SBHCSecurity Bank Holding Co. (Coos Bay, OR)
SBHCSchool Board of Highlands County (Florida)
SBHCSalomon Brothers Holding Company
SBHCSwansea Bay Hockey Club (Swansea, Wales, UK)
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This showed good overlap among groups and nonzero probability of receiving each level of SBHC. The final step of the MPS analyses uses the IPTW weights multiplied by the sample weights to weight an OLS regression predicting the six health indicators.
Michigan is a leader in the SBHC movement and has long worked collaboratively with schools to ensure its students are healthy and ready to learn.
SBHCs in New York can distribute EC for free and--once general consent to care at the SBHC is provided at the start of each school year--without parental notification.
Primary outcomes included the following: (1) Height and weight determinations done at the SBHC using a Scaletronix[R] scale as per routine clinic assessment.
* Another SBHC profile includes a primary care provider and a behavioral health provider (typically a clinical social worker or licensed counselor), who offer primary and behavioral health care to students in need.
Services provided by a SBHC include provision of developmental milestones (or well child visits) conducted through screenings and assessment, immunizations, acute care, behavioral or reproductive health.
Interestingly, the older an SBHC is, the more likely it is to offer contraceptive services on-site.
While a majority of adolescents in the survey reported another source of primary care, more than half reported receiving a regular checkup at their SBHC, a service typically provided by the primary care provider, and two-thirds of those who identified another primary care source visited an SBHC at least three times.
A Network Gap Assessment by SBHC (StrongBase Healthcare Consulting) to make sure your systems are compliant and ready for change is critical for a smooth transition.
In order for public health programs such as those in FQHCs and SBHCs to continue to develop and remain contemporary, it is vital that data be gathered to help optimize the allocation of funds and measure the effectiveness of the programs created to determine where resources will have the greatest impact.
Kirby, Waszak, and Ziegler (1991) explored the impact of a school-based health clinic (SBHC) on the sexually risky behavior of middle and high school students in Dallas, Texas, through the use of a quasi-experimental design.
Most people don't think of school as a place to provide health care, but children and adolescents increasingly are getting everything from immunizations to mental health services at school-based health centers (SBHC).