SBHESystem Bus High Enable
SBHEState Board of Higher Education
SBHESimulation-Based Healthcare Education
SBHESystem Bus High Enable (information technology)
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In [12], a new sampling operator called scrambled block Hadamard ensemble (SBHE) is introduced, which is also quite universal but with a lower complexity.
In each block, we apply a linear sampling operator [[PHI].sub.Bi] with SBHE structure, and the number of measurements is [].
Efetivamente a criacao da SBHE constituiu um momento central no processo de consolidacao do campo da historia da educacao no Brasil.
Esse processo se estendeu por cerca de quatro anos e culminou em outubro de 1999 com a fundacao da Sociedade Brasileira de Historia da Educacao (SBHE).
Interim Chancellor Larry Skogen has suggested the extended of the contract at a recent SBHE meeting, since his own contract would end by 2015.
Testifying in support of the State Board of Higher Education's 2009-11 budget request were State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) and North Dakota University System officials, a private sector business leader, students and a representative of the Council of College Faculties.
The final section, Section 12, "Sustaining the Vision," summarizes the State Board of Higher Education's (SBHE) Strategic Plan.
This document presents the ten sections of the strategic plan, as follows: (1) Taking Action; (2) Process Used; (3) Results of External and Internal Environmental Scanning: A Look into the Future; (4) Expansion of Mission; (5) Vision; (6) Mission; (7) Beliefs and Core Values of the North Dakota University System; (8) Long-Range Goals of North Dakota State Board of Higher Education (SBHE); (9) Accountability Measures; and (10) Long-Term Finance Plan.
The final section, Section12, "Sustaining the Vision," summarizes the State Board of Higher Education's (SBHE) Strategic Plan.
The State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) developed a draft legislative agenda based on the May 25, 2000, Report of the Roundtable, the SBHE strategic plan and the major recommendations from the June 15, 2004, roundtable meeting.
This report lists the Members of the Roundtable on Higher Education, including legislators; private sector; SBHE; State Government, K-12 Education and Labor; Private and Tribal Colleges; NDUS; and Ex-Officio.