SBHPSmall Business Health Plan
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House of Representatives has passed its version of SBHP legislation.
The service the SBHP provides is invaluable and will continue to benefit children and their families with quality healthcare practices.
The concept of the SBHP came from an experienced RN.
SBHPs would still be regulated at the state level but would be national in scope since many state regulatory burdens would be removed.
It is a testament to the education efforts of the SBHP Coalition and the members of the IFA that the legislation moved as far as it did this year.
Through increased education and awareness about the small-business health plan proposal, IFA and SBHP supporters are confident that we can make this proposal a reality and provide some relief to those who most need and deserve it: small businesses and franchisees
In addition to SBHP legislation, what bills of interest to small business will you be working on in that committee?