SBHSSan Benito High School (Hollister, California)
SBHSSanta Barbara High School
SBHSSouth Brunswick High School (New Jersey)
SBHSState Board of Human Services (Colorado)
SBHSSouth Boston High School (Boston, MA)
SBHSSydney Boys' High School (Sydney, Australia)
SBHSSocial and Behavioral Health Sciences (various schools)
SBHSSouth Broward High School (Florida)
SBHSStanley-Boyd High School (Stanley, Wisconsin)
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(4,5) There have been no cluster-randomized controlled trials of SBHS. Observational studies face hurdles such as selection bias in that students using SBHS often face higher adversity and higher health needs than students not using SBHS.
Research clearly shows that SBHS, when appropriately developed and implemented, are potentially one of the most effective means to influence the health and well-being of future generations.
He suggested that the SBHS continue as an independent society and raise money for an endowment.
Abnormal bone and megaloblastic changes were slightly more common in the CVD group and the presence of SBHs was unique to the CVD group, although very rarely identified.
Moreover, the obtained values ([eta] > 1) can be generally attributed to the presence of a bias-dependent Schottky barrier height "SBH"
A transitional period in the history of the SBHS occurred from 1947 to 1951, as the society operated as an official agency of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) under a new Kentucky charter.
Any SBHS member who wishes to submit opinions about retaining the current name or changing it is invited to do so by contacting the chair: Carol Crawford Holcomb, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, UMHB Box 8422, 900 College Street, Belton, TX 76513.
They fear that negative developments in the SBC may have created undesirable baggage for the SBHS. Simultaneously, others passionately defend the SBHS's name.
In addition to the board of directors, an advisory committee served the SBHS. This committee consisted of one society member from each state in the Southern Baptist Convention and two members-at-large.
My experience as a teacher, researcher, and writer of Baptist history, as a trustee of state and national historical commissions, as executive director of both the Historical Commission of the SBC and the SBHS, and as a determined denominational agitator for the cause of Baptist history, teachings, principles, and practices has influenced me to give much thought not only to where we have been but where we should consider going in the work of Baptist history.
The SBHS served as the "historical commission" of the SBC from 1947 to 1951.
The SBHS is pleased to announce that financial contributions from Baptist state conventions / history programs and from colleges and universities to the SBHS's operating budget have reached an all-time high in 1999.